French Immersion Program Application
Please note that French Immersion registration for September 2020 will begin January 6, 2020 at noon and close February 18, 2020.

After this date, please contact your local French Immersion School regarding registration.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

French Immersion is designed for students whose first language is not French. The objective is full mastery of the English language, functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture.

Students in the French Immersion program take the same subjects as the students in the English program. The students will study the French language and other subjects such as Science, Social Studies and possibly the Arts and Physical Education in French.

Designated school pathways have been developed to ensure that students have a continuation of program from their entry level to the end of Grade 12.

Please note, all students attending Elementary French Immersion schools will be bused if they live 1.6 km or further from the home French Immersion boundary school. Students accepted into the program can access transportation information by mid-August at For more information please call Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Alison Vegh, Administrative Assistant, Curriculum Support Services, K - 8 at 905-641-2929 ext. 52301 or


Melanie Sendzik, Student Achievement Leader, Curriculum Support Services, 905-641-2929 ext. 52275 or

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Transportation Mode and Eligibility to the French Immersion Program (PDF)  
In the event that the number of applications exceeds available space, a random lottery will take place.

Note: If you want a copy of your application, please PRINT BEFORE submitting.

Upon successful completion of your application you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive a confirmation email please contact Alison Vegh at 905-641-2929 ext. 52301
Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Education Act and will be used by the school and the Board to keep accurate records of students applying to the French Immersion Program. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Principal of the student's school.